May 26, 2013

Kill Your Blank Pages

Why can't writer's block be like a dessert,
instead of a desert?
When the country goes into recession, you don’t put stock in gold or guns—you buy trees, so you don’t have to worry about running out of paper.

When your sister steps on a pencil, you feel like crying—IT STILL HAD AN ERASER!

When the rest of your family is huddled under blankets in pillows in the middle of an electric storm, you’re cursing the lack of computers and lighting candles so you can keep writing.

You are a WRITER. But... you’re a writer with a secret.

The search history on your laptop is full of articles with titles like, “How to Defeat Writer’s Block” and “How to Unleash Your Muse.” Because the truth is, you’ve never written more than three chapters of a novel in your life. You just can’t seem to get past the first few pages before you realize you’re stumped—the words just won’t come out! For you, writer’s block is a permanent condition. You are, in short, in WRITER’S HELL. And the worst part is, you don’t know why you’re still there.

Now you can find out. I wandered in that desert of stagnation for nearly six years myself, unable to produce more than a few kid’s stories—and then suddenly, in the space of four months, finished a 70,000 word novel and started on a second. To help you get out of your personal desert, I’d like to introduce “Kill Your Blank Pages: A Ten Part Series on Writer's Block.”

Each part in the series should help you to identify what’s clogging up your creative process and show you exactly how eliminate it. Young writers, feel free to do a happy dance--this series will be geared especially towards you!

 The first five parts will look at story-building—oftentimes, you get stuck quite simply because your story isn’t ready to be written, and your muse knows it. The last five parts will look at freeing your creativity through lifestyle and mental adjustments.

Hopefully, by the end of the series, you will always know how to clear away writer’s block because you will always know exactly how you got there in the first place. To solve a problem, you have to know it’s there, and you have to know how to solve it.

Let’s kill some blank pages.

May 25, 2013

“What’s This,” You Say?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the greatest—no wait, that’s wrong. I promised myself I've left the circus for good. *smacks self on cheek*

Um. Hi?

Welcome to my blog, I guess. Like millions of other writers, I have created a page specifically dedicated to me, whose only purpose is to clog up cyberspace and slow down computers. ;) Really, though, I created it to share my experiences as I embark on the treacherous ship through the waters of professional authorship. If you’re interested in writing and learning how to get your book published, join me for the ride!

Feel free to send me any comments or questions you might have—who knows, I might write a post about it! :)

If you're too mean I'll make a voodoo doll of you and flush you down the toilet in effigy, so be nice. See ya later!